Mt Woodson and Potato Chip Rock

Distance : 7.5 miles.

Elevation Gain: about 2000 feet.

Time to complete: 2.5 – 4 hours depending on your fitness levels

Difficulty: Hard

Check Out The Mt Woodson Hike

Stonewall Peak Hike

Distance: 5.8 miles on loop, 4.2 miles if you go up and back the switch backs.

Elevation Gain and loss : 823 feet  

Time to complete: 2-3  hours

Difficulty: Easy

Check Out the Stonewall Peak Hike

El Cajon Mountain Hike

Distance: 12-14 miles.  

Elevation Gain: 4100 feet

Time to complete: 6 -7 hours

Difficulty: Severe


Check Out El Cajon Mountain

Mortero Palms to the Goat Canyon Train Trestle Bridge

Distance: 6.5 miles .

Elevation Gain: 1500 feet.  

Time to complete: 5-6 hours

Difficulty: Hard

Check Out The Goat Canyon Train Trestle Hike

Palomar Mountain Hike

Distance: 9  Miles.  

Elevation Gain: 1300 Feet.

Difficulty : Moderate.

Time to complete: About 4 hours or so.

Check Out The Palomar Mountain Hike

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Hiking Ellie Lane to the top of Iron Mountain

Hiking Ellie Lane to the top of Iron Mountain

There are a few really popular trails in San Diego, Torrey Pines, Cowles Mountain, Mt Woodson, and Iron Mountain. While I like the Iron Mountain Hike, if you want a little more challenge and or would like to get away from the mass’s for awhile, taking the Ellie...
Hiking the Santa Ysabel Eastern Preserve

Hiking the Santa Ysabel Eastern Preserve

  This past weekend was a great time to head out to the Santa Ysabel Eastern Preserve. The weather had cooled down somewhat and there was a really nice breeze flowing in from the west. Its a little drive to get out to and if you are going to do a point to point...
The Ten Hiking Essentials

The Ten Hiking Essentials

Not to long ago I was reading a blog and this story about a hiker who got caught up in Mt Baldy in torrential downpour, ” a 1 in 500 year event”. She was lucky to have already meet up with someone at the top who was properly equipped, who had not skimped...
What to do if attacked….

What to do if attacked….

What to do if you are attacked on the trail by a Mountain Lion or a Bear. I was hiking yesterday with some friends and we got to talking about what you should do if attacked by a mountain lion while out on a hike, I always felt that if you are in a group of people...
Palm Springs Tram to San Jacinto Peak

Palm Springs Tram to San Jacinto Peak

This past weekend I took my hiking group on another excursion into the San Jacinto State Park. This time taking the Palm Springs Tram up to 8500 feet and hiking for 12 miles up to San Jacinto Peak at 10,834 feet and then back down to the top of the tram again. It was...