Looking towards the Palomar Observatory's from High Point on Palomar Mountain.

Looking towards the Palomar Observatory’s from High Point on Palomar Mountain.

This past weekend I took a hike up the eastern side of Palomar Mountain on the Oak Grove to High Point Hike. This hike starts in the little town of Oak Grove on highway 79 and takes you up through the Chaparral and Manzanita on a steep single track trail before joining up with the Oak Grove Road and finally High Point Road as you make your way up out of the valley to the High Point at 6140 feet of elevation. At 14 miles it is a long hike, but not over overly rough terrain or excessively steep terrain. Its a enjoyable hike and even though we were expecting it to be a scorcher with Santa Ana Winds blowing that day, we had the nicest breeze all the way up and we were even a little chilly at the top. This would be a great hike to take as we get into the fall.

Check it out:

Hike Oak Grove to High Point