San Diego Hikes

Easy Hikes  Hikes that most family members can do, a good start for beginners.

Medium HikesHikes where a decent fitness level helps, beginner to intermediate levels.

Hard HikesHikes that will challenge people with decent fitness levels, intermediate to advanced levels.

Severe HikesHikes that you will feel for days afterwards, even if you are fit. Definitely for advanced hikers.

Hikes Outside of San Diego: Most of these hikes are longer distances and or greater elevation gains. You may need to train before attempting these hikes to build up your endurance. 

Orange County Hikes Only 1 so far, The Holly Jim Trail to Santiago Peak

San Gabriels Only 1 so far, Chantry Flats to Mt Wilson

Yosemite  Many Different Levels. From easy to Severe depending on your fitness levels.

Mammoth Lakes Area Medium to Hard depending on fitness levels.

Mount Baldy  Hard to Severe depending on your fitness level.

San Bernardino Mountains Only 1 so far, Cougar Crest Trail to Bertha Peak

San Jacinto Hikes Hard to Severe depending on your fitness level.

San Gorgonio Area Hikes Areas of the San Gorgonio Wilderness are closed due the Lake Fire, check here to see which trails are open.  Hard to Severe depending on your fitness level.

Mt Whitney  You need to plan and train for this hike !

Mt Langley via New Army Pass Another California “14 er”.